[Notice] v2.0.8.2 Update Preview

by Waterpark posted Jan 16, 2019

Hello, this is Waterpark at your service!


Here are the details of the upcoming update. 


<New Features>
- Advancements and Transcendence pages will become more convenient to use.


- Loading issues with the Village entrances have been solved.


- Changes in Secret Shop items
: Metron Crystal items added
: Equipment Modification materials(Flammable Material, Coolant, Lightning Box) added
: 4-star Lily & Lyla’s Traces added
: Boutique Ticket items excluded

: Price of ★3 Transcendence Tickets adjusted from 145 to 120 Lottery Mouse Coins


<Changes in Game Balance>
- Some of the hunters’ skill effects will be upgraded.


: Nene
Starting Attack and Defense will increase by 5%
1st skill’s Critical Damage max will increase by 20%
5th skill’s HP max will increase from 20% to 25%


: Athena
Starting HP and Defense will increase by 5%


: Dumble
Starting HP, Defense and Attack will increase by 3%


: Bear
Starting Defense will increase by 5%


: Captain&Hidden Hunter
Their ★5 hidden fate effects will be strengthened from 12% to 16%
<Bug Improvements>
- Fixed the issue of certain sound effects not playing properly


- Fixed the issue of stimpack displays showing up incorrectly for some users


※ The update date for iOS may be changed depending on its verification process.


We will continue to put in our best efforts so that your time in Midgard will be more enjoyable!


Thank you.