[News] Update - Market Grand Renovation

by VSpang posted Apr 24, 2019



Hello Captains, VSpang here to announce some big news that’ll affect your economic lifestyle of Midgard!

Referring to our last post (https://bs.visualshower.com/en/1126934) about the Fight Chip Market, there will be an overall change to the market and its shops based on the worldwide spectrum of feedback we’ve received. Once the changes have been applied, the items in the market will be changed.


This change is for two purposes.


First, we are making sure you get the most value out of the Fight Chip Shop which is used the most among the users. We reflected the feedback that the types of items and the number of items were not enough for our users.


And second, we are changing each shop’s items so they can be obtained in an orderly fashion. This way, you will be able to focus on obtaining specific materials for the corresponding item purchases and management. We found overlapping items in the shops caused the issues we are trying to solve now.


This notice will not be applied immediately! You will still be able to purchase items before this is applied. Make sure to check the change date and to purchase the items you need before the update is finalized. Please note, the Manda and Secret Shop will not be changed for this update.


<Change Date> 
May 2nd, 2019, 15:00 (UTC+9)


<Purchasable Items After the Change>
-Rupee Shop
: Evaluation Request, Elite Request, Fuel, Challenge Invitation Ticket, Metron Fragment, Rusty Metal Piece, Broken Shell, Cold Flamestone, Withered Herb, Sharp Metal Piece, Unscathed Shell, Burning Flamestone, Fresh Herb, ★1 Hunter Traces (3 kinds), Metron Crystal


-Fight Chip Shop
:Beckhen’s Traces, ★3 Hunter Traces (4 kinds), ★2 Hunter Traces (3 kinds), Metron Crystal, Elite Request, Special Request, Unusual Metal Piece, Invincible Shell, Scorching Flamestone, Fruit-Bearing Herb, ★4 Trainer, ★3 Trainer, Legendary Request, Boutique Ticket

* April 30th, 2019 - ★3, ★4 Trainers will be added to Fight Chip Shop after the update.


-Mirage Shop
:Harley’s Traces, ★3 Hunter Traces (2 kinds), Toolbox, Advanced Toolbox, Flammable Material, Coolant, Lightning Box, Elite Request, Special Request, Metron Crystal, ★3 Jewel (3 kinds), ★4 Jewel (2 kinds), ★5 Jewel (1 kind), Legendary Request, Boutique Ticket


May 2, 2019
The following items will appear at chance upon updating the Market. Please check out the list!

: Rupee Market - Metron Crystal
: Fight Club - Legendary Request, Boutique Ticket, ★4 Trainer
: Mirage Shop - Legendary Request, Boutique Ticket


We’ll always work to make the game more enjoyable!
Thank you!