[Update] Update Preview

by Natara posted Oct 14, 2019



Hello, Captains of Midgard!

Natara is here with some update news!


Listed below are the details for the upcoming update!




- Changed the Daily Goals Achievement Condition

: Added new Daily Goals and adjusted the existing Daily Goals to be completed more easily.


: Changes in the Daily Goals - Details

Added "Clear Abyss"

Added "Clear Mirage Ruins"

Receive Supplies 2 Times → 1

Fishing 3 Times → 1

Challenge 3 Times → 1

Recruit Hunters 2 Times → 1


- Added Dispatch Feature in the Abyss


- Slightly Increased the Enemy Hunter's Skill Cooldown in the Abyss


- Adjusted the Difference in Ability Stats Between Regular Hunters and Enemy Hunters in the Abyss

: Enemy hunters in the Abyss sometimes confused players because they had different skill effects or Ability Stats from the hunters that are usually played. (E.g. : The "Bleeding" skill of Hermes).

: Now, enemy hunters in the Abyss will have the same Ability Stats as general hunters.


- Added the Current Skill Level Display to the "Train Teammate" Screen

: Now you can directly check your hunter's current skill level on the "Train Teammate" screen.


- Changed the Guild Chatting Display Order

: Now chatting messages and Fuel requests will be displayed in time order.


- Changed the Design of Server Loading Icon


※ The update date for iOS may change depending on the verification process.


We will continue to do our best to make sure you enjoy your time in Midgard!


Thank you!