[Notice] Regarding Fight Club Malfunction

by VSpang posted Oct 10, 2017

Hello, everyone.


You may have noticed you were not able to access the Fight Club last Sunday.

Due to this issue, you were not able to complete the daily assignment or participate in Beckhen's Special Proposal event.


We will be compensating you the points and rewards you were not able to receive.


1. Beckhen's Special Proposal

We will distribute 50 points for the Beckhen's Special Proposal event.

Please note that the points will be sent directly to you and you will not have to "claim" them.


2. Daily Assignments

We will distribute the Fight Club assignment's reward of 20 Fight Club chips and the Bonus Goal Reward of 1 Rupee Ticket, 1 Fuel Coupon, and 20 Veteran points twice.


A total of 2 Rupee Tickets, 2 Fuel Coupons, 40 Veteran points, 40 Fight Club chips, and 50 Beckhen's event points will be distributed.

However, the Beckhen's event points, Veteran points, and Fight Club chips will be sent out a bit late, directly to you.

The rest of the items will be sent out today, where you can claim them in your Special Supplies.


We apologize for the inconvenience with Fight Club.

Thank you.