[Notice] Server Normalization and Compensation

by Natara posted Jun 02, 2020



We sincerely apologize for every user who experienced inconvenience due to the server maintenance that took place since last weekend.


From May 30th 08:00 (UTC+9) to June 2nd 07:00 (UTC+9), Blustone could not be accessed due to the issue that happened on the single service server.


Currently, all the relevant issues have been solved and you'll be able to enjoy the game normally.


Once again, we sincerely apologize for the inconvenience regarding the service connection issue for the past few days. Because this issue happened to every user, we sincerely ask for your understanding that respective and precise compensation handling is difficult.


Every user will be compensated with the following compensation:


<Compensation Details>

- 1 ★4 Request x2

- 1 ★3 Selection Request x2

- 300 Manda x2

- 500 Fuels x2

- 50000 Rupees x2

- 10 Metron Crystals x2

- 1500 Mirage Fragments x2

- 2000 Medals of Honor x2


* According to the opinions of global users, all compensation will be supplied in twice the amount.


<Event Extension Details>

- Midgard Sweet Festival! Get the Chocolate Sticks!

- A Surprise Search has begun! Look for the ★4 Hunter!

- Red’s Bamboo Leaf Airlift Operation!

The above events will be extended for one week.


We will work hard to prevent the same issue from happening again.


Thank you.