[News] Update Preview

by Natara posted Dec 12, 2017

Hello everyone!
Here is a preview of this week's upcoming update for your reference.
<New Features>
- Fight Club Battle Changes
Fight Club's manual play, which was available only with your Friends ('Friendly Match'), will now officially be applied to your normal matches. With this new feature, we can switch teammates and use skills freely during Fight Clubs. We can hope that this new feature will allow us to play more diversely than before.

1. Instead of 4 vs 4 battles, it will be changed to 5 vs 5.

2. When your defense team successfully withstands the time limit, the current rule of defense team winning will remain the same.

3. When you form an offense team your offensive abilities will increase and when you form a defense team your defensive abilities will increase.  
- Supporters of Automatic Battles in Fight Club
With the new added manual feature, there might be some of you who prefer the automatic battles. Given these opinions, Fight Club will give you two options for you to choose. You can decide whether you want to fight automatically or manually in Fight Club matches.
- Hunter Balance Adjustments
Due to the application of new features (switching your hunters and using skills), we have previously mentioned that some hunter's abilities will change. The changes are as it follows:
1. Overall Team Recovery
Hunters who could heal every team member 'Healing for All' (Akasha, Denali) their healing effect will reduce to 40% than the current ability.
2. Recovery for 1 Person
Hunters who could heal one team member their healing effect will increase 20%.
All hunters with healing skills as their 4th skill will be changed to 'Regeneration.’
3. Restoration of Hermes Original Abilities
Hermes 2nd skill 'A Sword in Each Hand' will be moved to his 5th skill 'Reduction of Enemy Defense.'
Hermes 5th skill 'Reduction of Enemy Defense' will be moved to his 2nd skill 'A Sword in Each Hand.'
- New Item Stimpack
We are releasing a new item 'Stimpack' to help you in ruins. You won't be able to use them in Fight Clubs as we wanted to reduce inequality. But you can use 'Stimpacks' anywhere else and we expect that this will make clearing stages easier.
- More Attractive Pop-up Displays
<Bug fixes>
- Straight deposit of 'Goal Achievement Package' after purchase instead of finding it through 'Special Supply'
- Modifying 'Revenge' to be only used once regardless of win or defeat in Fight Clubs
- Fixing word errors (e.g. '♡')
- Improving game stability