[Notice] v1.1.2.0 Patch Notes

by VSpang posted Aug 29, 2017

Hello, everyone!


Please be aware of the following changes coming soon to Midgard!


<New Contents>

- Added Excavation Association's missing hunters


<Improved Gameplay>

- Move to recommended friends page when selecting 'add friends' button in the Excavation Association friends list

- Add sound effect when purchasing or selling items

- Item received pop-up appears when receiving fuel in special supplies

- Change 'received' button at the Hunter Supply Station grey

- Improve daily assignments layout

- Improve readability of ranks and numbers in the Fight Club

- Lower Fight Club and the Gym's BGM sound level


<Fixed Bugs>

- Alarms not being properly sent in Android

- Fixed recommended friends not properly loading occasionally


This update will be released August 31st.

Thank you for your interest!