[Notice] Attendance Supply System Changes Preview

by Natara posted Jun 12, 2019

Hello Captains! Natara is here!


Today I’m here to announce some new changes on the attendance supply system, which will add vitamin to all Captains who visit Midgard daily.  


The overall quantity of the rewards will be adjusted with the newly combined daily sign-in and cumulative sign-in reward system, which will be easier to check at a glance.

Also, the Hunter Supply Station page will be renewed so that our Captains can check the items that you need to obtain more easily!


The following changes will be implemented:


<Changes Made>

: Separation of Attendance Supply and Activity Supply Page


Activity Supply.jpg


You will no longer need to visit Schumann to get the attendance supply and activity supply.

The page to obtain those supplies will be renewed along with the location change.


: Combination of Daily Sign-in and Cumulative Sign-in Reward System


Attendance Day 28.jpg


The overall quantity of reward will be increased with the newly combined daily sign-in and cumulative sign-in reward system.

You can check the reward you received more easily and distinctly than before!

Also, the number of Requests and Manda that can be acquired through the Attendance Supply will be increased. Supplies such as Helium Capsules and Toolboxes can also be obtained.

After the change, the Attendance Supply will be changed according to the Cumulative Attendance Dates Supply.


: New Captain Support Bonus Change


Attendance Day 7.jpg


The New Captain Support Bonus will be changed to help our new Captains adjust faster and more precisely!  

New user sign-in rewards can be received again from day 1 for Captains who were receiving "New Captain Support Bonus." Also, 1 "Legendary Request" will be given out as compensation for those who could not receive supplies due to the changes.

Start the life of a Metron Hunter with abundant support such as powerful ★3 Hunters, 10+1 pulls, various requests, and Manda!


※ These changes have not been finalized yet. The clauses and numerical values might partially change with the formal update.


The changes will be applied after 2170 update.


Please note that the changes might not be applied normally if your app is not updated to the newest version.


We will continue to put in our best efforts so that your time in Midgard will be more enjoyable!


Thank you.