[Notice] Market "Fight Chips Shop" and "Mirage Shop" Changes Preview

by Natara posted Jul 02, 2019



Hello Captains, Natara is here!


There will be some changes made to the Fight Chips Shop and the Mirage Shop in the Market.


There will be some attractive items added to the Fight Chips Shop and the Mirage Shop for the long-term goals. Also, our Captains will be able to meet ★4 Hunters more easily!


Please note the following information for more details.


<Changes Made>

- Fight Chips Shop

: Steady appearance of ★4 Hunter's Traces 

The ★4 Hunter Geranium's Trace and the ★4 Hunter Teresa's Trace will appear at the Fight Chips Shop steadily.


: Changes made for ★3 Hunter Beckhen

The ★3 Hunter Beckhen's Traces will no longer appear in the Fight Chips Shop steadily.

Beckhen's Traces will appear in the Fight Chips Shop with a random probability with other ★3 Hunter's Traces. Also, you can now recruit Beckhen through normal recruitment.


- Mirage Shop

: Appearance of ★4 Hunter's Traces

The ★4 Hunter's Traces can now be purchased in the Mirage Shop. The ★4 Hunter's Traces will change randomly as the Mirage Shop list changes, unlike the ★4 Harley's Trace.


: Changes made for ★4 Hunter Harley

The amount of "Harley's Trace" selling at the Mirage Shop will increase.

You can now get more of ★4 Harley's Traces with the same price as before!


※ These changes have not been finalized yet. Some changes might be made with the official update.


These changes will be applied after July 5th, 2019. 


Please note that if you do not update the app to the most recent version, the aforementioned changes may not be applied properly.


We will continue to work hard to provide a better service!


Thank you.