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[Notice] New Hunter Patrone and Scar Preview   [13]

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    Hiya! :)

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    Hello, everyone!


    We are excited to introduce that ice bomber Patrone and ice offense Scar is coming soon to Midgard!


    <New Hunter Introductions>



    Silent Canine, Patrone

    "I like it when it's quiet around me. Whether I'm taking a stroll, wearing earmuffs, or shooting my Arctic Launcher."


    Patrone is a quiet but deadly werewolf bomber. She has been active werewolf guerilla war soldier, but not many are familiar with her as she refrains from fighting in the front lines or showing off. However, those who have fought against her confirm that she is a dangerous individual unlike anyone else.

    Patrone inflicts massive damage by launching a surprise attack with her Arctic Launcher but she knows that attacking isn't everything in battle. Unlike any other bomber, Patrone tosses an emergency aid kit by chance during her attack, healing the hunter in the frontlines. In addition, her guerrilla war experience aids her in analyzing the enemy's weak point and shares her findings with the team for an easier battle.



    Wandering Fighter, Scar

    "You'll know what you did wrong as you get beat up."


    Scar is a wanderer roaming outside Midgard alone. His purpose in doing this is not yet revealed but as he investigates various ruins, he must be going after an important secret. Scar must have excellent physical abilities and sense of crisis because he wanders around the snowfields without teammates or an ornithopter.

    Scar fights with his fists, and his gauntlets are able to channel the power of ice to create giant ice pillars that inflict damage on enemies. In addition, the ice pillars temporarily reduce the enemy's defense, allowing Scar to more effectively display his combat skills.

    He has a defense increasing skill unlike any offensive hunters through his survival skills he learned during his wandering days, greatly aiding in battles.


    <Appearance Date>

    Another notice will be posted regarding their appearance time.

    We will post another update if this schedule changes.


    Thank you for your attention!

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