[Notice] Regarding Octavia's Traces

by VSpang posted Sep 30, 2017

Hello, everyone.


We have received many feedback regarding the "Special Missing Hunter, Octavia" event from September 7 ~ 11 and "Octavia's Frozen Chests" on July 1 ~ 16 as we have launched special missing hunters.


Although it's already a finished event, "Octavia's Frozen Chests" was the first chance to receive Octavia and it has been subject to controversy as this event came out before the transcendence update. Due to this issue, we have decided to distribute additional rewards for those who have participated in "Octavia's Frozen Chests."


The rewards have been sent according to the number of traces you have earned in "Octavia's Frozen Chests" on July 1 ~16.



Everyone who has participated in the "Octavia's Frozen Chest" event on July


<Reward Contents>

Additional "Octavia Traces" you have earned from the "Octavia's Frozen Chest" event


Thank you for your attention.