[Notice] Hunter Balance Changes

by Natara posted Feb 27, 2020



Hello Captains, this is Natara!


Today, we would like to announce some new animation effects added to the hunters’ main illustrations and changes to the in-game hunter balance.


1. Addition of Illustration Animation




Animation effects will be added to the main illustrations of the following hunters.


  - Lily & Lyla (Including 1 Outfit)

  - Erise (Including 1 Outfit)

  - Genovia (Including 2 Outfits)

  - Mary, the Little Reaper; Little Santa Mary

  - Selene

  - Judith


Come and meet the hunters who are now livelier than ever!

Please look forward to the animation effect updates on illustrations in the future as well.


2. Balance Changes


Here are the details of the coming in-game Hunter Balance changes. Please note that the following changes will be applied starting from March 2nd, 15:00 (UTC+9).


Genovia (The same will apply to Valentine Genovia)

- 1st skill, 4th skill: 20% increase in Damage

- 5th skill: Harmful Effects Remove interval 1sec > 0.5sec



- Slight increase in basic Defense

- 1st skill: 20% increase in Damage

- 5th skill: “Block Damage Decrease” increase up to 25% > 30%



- Slight increase in basic Attack

- 5th skill: Frequency of counterattacks increase from maximum 2 per second up to maximum 3 per second

- 5th skill: Added the ability to decrease the damage received from enemy’s critical attack; Decrease up to 100%.


Lantern (The same will apply to Jack O' Lantern)

- Slight increase in basic Attack

- 4th skill: Added Defense weakening effect that will be maintained until it's removed (up to 10%)

- 5th skill: “Critical Damage Chance Increase” now increases up to 15% > 20%



- 5th skill: Block Damage Decrease reduced from maximum 30% > 25%



- 5th skill: Teammates now deal more damage towards the enemy - up to 10% > 15%

- 5th skill: Enemies now deal less damage towards the teammate - up to 10% > 15%



- 2nd skill: Teammate’s Attack/Defense now strengthens up to 20% > 25%

- 4th skill: Enemy's Attack/Defense now weakens up to 15% > 20%


Please note that the changes may not be applied if your app is not updated to the newest version.


We hope you enjoy your life in Midgard with these new changes!


Thank you.