[News] Changes in Item Prices

by Natara posted Dec 04, 2017

Hello it's Natara!


Since the update on December 1st, there have been big changes in the prices of various consumable items, and among these, the purchase price of the most basic items such fuels that are bought with rupees has increased dramatically. Many users from beginner to experienced expressed their concern. For that matter, we would like to reconsider the price change and cancel the increase in the current rupee price for fuels.


The current fuel charge was 5000 rupees for first purchase with 2,500 rupees increment on the next purchase (7,500). We have adjusted the big increase, and there will no longer be a 2,500 rupees increment on the first purchase, but on your third purchase an increment of 7,500. We hope that this will reduce the burden of your fuel purchase.


We will continue to listen to the opinions of Blustone users.

Thank you.