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[Notice] Hunter Balance Modifications   [7]

VSpang    Lv.  14
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    Hiya! :)

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    Hello, everyone.

    We would like to introduce to you the modifications that will come to balance our hunters.



    1. Natural 3-star hunter base stats increased

     - Base stats (attack, defense, and life) will be increased.

     - Combat points will be increased by about 14%.


    2. Natural 2-star hunter base stats increased

     - Base stats (attack, defense, and life) will be slightly increased.

     - Combat points will be increased by about 7%.


    3. Offensive hunter basic damage increased by 1.1 times

     - Offensive hunters have an attack speed of 1 higher than all the other types.

     - The current Fight Club does not take attack speed into consideration, and therefore this change does not apply to the Fight Club.

     - To compensate for this, offensive hunters will have a 10% increase in damage.

     - Offensive hunters' base defense will be decreased from 50%, same as defensive hunters, to 40%, same as helper hunters.

     - This is a temporary modification as the Fight Club will undergo changes in the future.


    4. Helper stats slightly increased

     - Helpers have naturally lower stats compared to other types due to a tanking balancing issue.

     - But as supporting bombers are taking place in the Fight Club, the helpers too must do the same.

     - All helpers' base stats (attack, defense, and life) will be slightly increased.

     - All helpers' combat points will be increased by about 7%.


    5. Nene's 5th skill changed

     - Many have sent feedback regarding Nene's 5th skill being useless in the Fight Club.

     - Due to these concerns, Nene's 5th skill will change from 20% regeneration increase to 20% total life increase.


    6. Explanation for Captain's high effectiveness

     - Blustone's main character, Captain, has a different set of rules.

     - Captain is Blustone's first character and is, therefore, a natural 1-star hunter.

     - But he progresses higher than other hunters when advanced, and has the same stats as a natural 2-star when he is at 5 stars.

     - Therefore, a 5-star Captain has the same stats as a natural 2-star hunter.

     - This was due to our preference to have one of the first characters to have a higher progression rate.

     - Because offensive hunters cannot show their full potential without their attack speed, defensive natural-2-star-like Captain felt stronger than other hunters.

     - The Fight Club will feel more balanced with the natural 3-star and offensive hunter balance patches.


    From the information above, 1, 2, 4, 5, and 6 will be applied within this week.

    However, the 3rd patch regarding offensive hunters will be applied at a later date after more consideration.


    Thank you for reading!

    • Majo 2017.08.01 17:50
      Yay for Nene :D!
    • Marcien 2017.08.01 19:08
      i am happy about nene!

      but i felt it was a wasted opportunity that fifth skill has now become so normal and generic. would have been cool to keep some link with her previous skill, for example:

      consistently recover health when on the battlefield: self-heal 20 hp for every second.

      not broken enough to be overpowered, but makes her more tanky in a different way.
    • Nexor 2017.08.02 00:09
      I like marcien's idea over ther max hp boost but i think since in present arena hp regen is not possible so such skill is still is Useless in arena so i guess they chose hp boost however hp boost is too common and even gerald has this boost it's better if something else could be gotten like boost hp or def for all team . I mean what's good if it's just like a 2* of the same type
    • Moogle 2017.08.01 22:37
      Not bad update I still got no Nene rip
    • Jrad 2017.08.02 11:13
      Will Captain therefore receive no changes? Or will he receive the same balancing as the natural 2 stars?
    • VSpang 2017.08.02 15:09
      Captain will receive no changes as he is a natural 1-star but his stats increase as if he is a natural 2-star as he advances. Hope that makes more sense!
    • Jrad 2017.08.02 17:44
      That's perfect, thanks VSPang :)

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