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[News] Update Notice    [10]

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    Hello everyone.


    Here are the details of the update that will be launched this week.


    <New Features>
    - Changed Challenge Invitation Charging Method
    Challenge Invitations were charged at 12:00 AM every day, but this will be changed to a restoring method when a set time period is over. You can expect a smoother FC play as the maximum total of FC invitations will increase. Also, there are plans to add an alarm feature for Challenge Invitations just like the Fuel alarm.


    - Opening Major Goals
    Major Goals will now be opened!
    Unlike the daily goals, which are updated daily, Major Goals will accumulate your activities without reset, and you can get many rewards including Manda.
    There may not be many tasks at first, but we will be adding on unique and various tasks in the future.


    - Select Non-Friend as Partners Feature 
    To support new Captains, you can now choose other users who are not on your friend list as your partner.
    In addition to that, if you choose a partner who is already your friend you will also be getting bonus rupees. We can expect more socializing than before!


    - Enhanced In-game Alarms
    Receiving an alarm for friend's Unique ruins or new mail was not available unless you were offline making things inconvenient. But you will now be able to receive those alarms while you are online in the game.


    - Redesigned Fight Club Victory Page
    The Fight Club victory page, which was somewhat dull, will have a brand new look. In addition to the joy of winning, we hope you can look forward to a new design for victory page that also lets you know your league progress.


    - Increased Hunter Room Maximum Number 
    With the introduction of various new hunters to Midgard, the maximum number of hunters you can hold is extended to 198.


    - Changed Market Update Time
    The renewal time of markets will be slightly shortened based on opinions that said the current 8 hours refreshing time was too long.


    - Temporary hunter room expansion is applied when using 10+1 recruitment 


    - Higher veteran ranks will be added


    - League upgrades and recurring rewards will change


    - New item will be added to the Manda Store


    <Bug Fixes>
    - Fixed the error with not receiving Cumulative Attendance Dates rewards successfully
    - Fixed the red dot malfunctioning for Hunter Supplies
    - Improved in-game stability


    <Upcoming Update Preview>
    - Adding a Bonus System in Lottery Mouse
    To give a better enjoying experience when throwing the Lottery Mouse, we will add a bonus system. Also, considering usage convenience, this bonus system appears when recruiting with Manda.


    - Adding a 'do not disturb' alarm feature


    - Representative hunter setting feature
    You will be able to set the hunter you select to show to your friends regardless of whether that hunter is on the exploring deck.


    - Adding a Help Page
    To understand the game better we will be adding a help page on the side of the menu.


    Thank you.

    • Antoyosh 2018.02.08 11:08
      Seems very good! Thank you Natara
    • BonkersRabbid 2018.02.08 11:33
      Awesome update. By the way, does anybody know how to set a hunter as being the one my friends can use while he is not on my team. I can't find it anywhere.
    • retsuB 2018.02.08 11:35

      We're still on version 1.2.6 (at least I think we are...). The feature is set to come out on 1.2.7, which still isn't out yet (which is odd considering 1.2.8 is set to be released this week).

    • BonkersRabbid 2018.02.09 12:32
      I had the same guess because the google play store update did not say anything about it either. Thanks for the info.
    • Nyanphy 2018.02.08 11:34
      All sounds gr8
    • Dobelmenfy 2018.02.08 12:45
      Higher Veteran ranks? How much do f2p would need to farm for them ? I mean getting guru 3 already need like 3 years...
    • DaddyG 2018.02.08 13:13
      All these sound great, but please don't take away anything / nerf what's already beneficial for the players without notification and a good reason.

      I'm certain many players are not happy that the 200% up hunter event only apply to manda recruits.
    • Veromos 2018.02.08 14:15
      Can you please give a specific release date and time of the update. Thank you.
    • ZeroSkyes36 2018.02.08 22:08
      Increased hunter room max number....sooo what about all the manda and rupees we’ve already spent? Do those carry over as well? I mean it costs me 50k rupees/25 manda just to upgrade mine now
    • Shiarial 2018.02.09 06:59
      Thank you so much!

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