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[Update] Awakened Hunter Genovia Addition!   [22]

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    Hello, Captains of Midgard! Natara is here!


    The eleventh awakened hunter, ★4 Ice Offense Genovia will be newly added. What abilities will she show us?


    Listed below are the details for the newly awakened hunter. 


    <Date of Addition>

    March 29th


    <Newly Awakened Hunter>

    Genovia, the Atoner

    Valentine Genovia


    * Valentine Genovia will also be awakened. Valentine Genovia's appearance will be kept the same, but her actual stats and skill effects will be the same as awakened Genovia.


    <Hunter Introduction>

    Awakened Genovia.jpg


    Genovia, the Condemner

    An Offense with an attack that ignores damage reduction. Automatically removes harmful effects and blocks the enemy's beneficial effect and switching.



    Deals great damage that ignores the enemy's damage reduction and temporarily weakens elemental resistance.

    - Deals great damage to the frontline enemy, ignores Damage Reduction

    - Reduces Elemental Resistance of the frontline enemy up to 30 for 4 seconds



    The enemy who became the target of Conviction loses all beneficial effects and gets prohibited from switching. Also, they cannot get beneficial effects for 4 seconds.

    - Removes Beneficial Effects of the frontline enemy and blocks Beneficial Effects for 4 seconds

    - Prohibits the frontline enemy from switching for 4 seconds


    Offensive Instincts

    The offense instinctively concentrates on attacking the enemy.

    - Genovia's Attack increases up to 15% when the battle starts


    Icy Airdrop

    When using Conviction, randomly drops ice spears to the enemy, deals great damage that ignores damage reduction, and greatly weakens the enemy temporarily.

    - Deals great damage to the frontline enemy, ignores Damage Reduction

    - Frontline enemy’s Block Chance decreases up to 40% for 4 seconds

    - Frontline enemy’s Critical Chance decreases up to 40% for 4 seconds


    Unshakable Conviction

    Nothing can curb Genovia’s unshakable conviction for atonement. Removes all harmful effects every 0.5 seconds and increases elemental resistance and elemental enhancement.

    - Removes Harmful Effects every 0.5 seconds

    - Genovia’s Elemental Enhancement increases by 30 when the battle starts

    - Genovia’s Elemental Resistance increases by 30 when the battle starts


    We will continue to do our best to make sure you enjoy your time in Midgard!


    Thank you.

    • Nazure 2021.03.29 16:00
      Icy-type offensive. More chance to try breakthrough those defensive captains in Guild Blitz
      and our first 4* awaken @_@
    • CrySec 2021.03.29 16:13
      What happened to "We have no plans to awaken 3* and 4* hunters"?
      Will the awakening of 1* and 2* hunters now be halted? What gave you the idea that Genovia of all hunters was too weak and needed an upgrade next?
      I was happy that you were reworking the weaker hunters, since they were very much overlooked compared to the powerful 4* hunters. Now I am worried you have forgotten your self-declared purpose of awakening: showing the oldest hunters of this game some much needed love.
    • Graf 2021.03.29 20:04
      100% agree
    • Jpeg 2021.03.29 16:17
      Date of adfition 29 March but not availible to awakening. April fool :-)?
    • CrySec 2021.03.29 16:21
      Hope so
    • Nazure 2021.03.30 11:52
      Im done awaken her yesterday.
    • JAR10S 2021.03.29 16:26
      Pls this isn't real. If it was, then all those awakened hunters is going to waste. When will you guys going to stop giving us april fool's joke. Awakened Vincent is already broken.
    • AIpha 2021.03.29 23:00
      It’s very real! Just one question why is my characters score lower before awakening?
    • Joshiesaurus 2021.03.30 00:03
      The lower score you see when you awaken is your hunters power without their jewels and equipment bonuses. The second number is their power with jewels and equipment. Your power doesn't change much at first when awakening a hunter tho, it's the leveling and transendence afterwards that causes your power to go way up. Regardless of that I don't get why they would show two very different numbers like that instead of just both numbers including bonuses.
    • Marrick-K 2021.03.30 00:35
      Kinda sad that there is not an updated animation for the alternate outfits, or at least the purple version. You have to choose between cool animation, or static outfit.
    • Ziuxy 2021.03.30 05:27
      Hi, awakening a hunter don't count as advancement in Audrey missions, is that normal?
    • Nazure 2021.03.30 11:53
      seem so. advancement & awaken not the same.
    • Amadeus813 2021.03.30 08:39
      Seems like they were head hunting. Captain was an obvious nerf but also deters Windblade from being an effective attacker.

      Against Vincent, she could be an effective counter.
    • xlNikoLailx 2021.03.31 20:54
      Can i ask something? Why Hunter Sunny can't appear in 2* scroll now? Lol I've been 2 years playing this game but i didn't/can't t3 her becoz of that. Even her traces.. mouse can't find them.. aigo! Pls tell me... why?
    • Scheving 2021.03.31 21:30
      Sunny is an event exclusive hunter. She does appear in the Female Limited Hunter Recruitment Event 2021 though. She has no traces unfortunately, but if you recruit her for the first time, she will be in scrolls.
    • xlNikoLailx 2021.04.01 00:29
      Thats why im confusing becoz even i got her already i cant get it in 2* scroll... huhu!
    • papapou 2021.04.13 01:40
      Sad but i have 12 sunny copy from.scroll and i have sold or use as food at least 8 copy x) ....so.its about 20 minimun since i have her
    • xlNikoLailx 2021.04.25 00:18
      Lols... i guess i need to wait till she appear in the 2* n 10x pull scroll. Huhu! ^^'
    • xlNikoLailx 2021.03.31 20:58
      And i wan't to know what is the good side of ruins now? Is far to the blustone 1.. Ruins there is I can get good jewels, a scroll, and many other more. But now.. only traces and good darn metron crystals its has. Pls give me a good reason why?
    • AlanAnthony 2021.03.31 23:42
      I guess she's cool, but I was really looking forward to more 2 star awakenings.... this seems to mark the beginning of the end for those though :(
    • Kappersnapper 2021.04.02 12:36
      The skill animations for her awakened form is buggy and broken and it interferes with gameplay. Her base form's skill animations work just fine but as soon as I awakened her the skill animations becomes buggy and sometimes causes her skill to deal no damage.
    • chou_ouma 2021.04.09 09:54
      Please !!! Awakened juno and outift summer saga juno please !!!!

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