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[News] Update Information Preview   [14]

Natara    Lv.  2
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    Hi, it's Natara.


    We would like to inform you about this week's new update carefully. 


    <New Features>

    - Collective Recruitment with Traces

    For those who have numerous traces, a feature to recruit multiple hunters at once will be added.


    - Feature to Skip Collected Item Pop-up

    A feature to turn off the display when collecting items will be added.


    - Stimpack Purchase Feature

    You can now purchase Stimpacks during your battles.


    - Option to See Previous Ranking 

    You will now be able to ask Beckhen what your previous ranking was in Fight Club.


    - Major Goals: Edited the 'Total of Training' count to the 'Total of Used Hunters for Training'

    The total number of hunters used as fodder will be counted towards the Major Goals instead of the number of times you trained.


    <Bug Improvements>

    - The Issue of game freezing when switching apps and going back

    - User profile picture resetting issue 

    - Semicolons (;) not displaying correctly

    - Immediate Advancement Package issue when purchasing

    - Wrong red dot indication in Major Goals

    - Improved overall game stability


    <Next Week Update>

    - New: Addition of Metron Ruins

    - Addition of New Stages in all Abysses (6, 7)

    - Addition of 5★ Fate Stories 

    - 1★ and 2★ Hunters Abilities Slightly Increased

    - Added Support Hunters to have an 'Element-Bonus' when Health-Healing the same Element Hunters


    <Preview of the Update After>

    - Addition of Help Page

    A help page will be added to help you understand the game.


    - Opening of New Ruins 

    A new ruin will be opened to test the power of your Hunters.

    Much information is still unrevealed, but over time more details will be released.


    - Addition of "Advance All" Feature

    A feature to upgrade many hunters at once will be added.


    - Convenience features for Friends and Special Supply.

    Convenient functions such as multiple collecting or deleting features will be added.


    Thank you.


    • FatherVinh 2018.03.08 11:07
      Wow, there were like 5 things in these updates that I was thinking it'd be nice to have and then some. Thanks for the hard work VS!
    • Fukurama 2018.03.08 14:31
    • UrielSR 2018.03.08 18:12

      new ruins?? hoya that looks interesting ill look forward to it! and 5 fates finally!! ty for the hard work!

    • Fukurama 2018.03.08 18:35
      Spicy indeeed
    • Kaguyo 2018.03.08 18:39
    • BlackGeneral 2018.03.08 21:16
      Fate Stories ^_^
    • Kirei 2018.03.08 21:23
      I can’t wait for those 5* fates ^^
    • Ollithatsme 2018.03.09 06:54
      Idk if it's just me but everytime i get a lvl up it says i get 30 fuels but i never get them, theyre not added nor am i able to collect them, is that a bug? Anyway great job as always and keep it up :P
    • Baro 2018.03.09 21:17
      Restart the app, sometimes it happens when you are leveled up after a dispatch.
    • Drahard 2018.03.09 09:19
      Multiple collecting FTW. Thank you! :D
    • m3atman 2018.03.09 17:51
      Are servers on maintenance again?
    • JONATHANM 2018.03.10 00:07
      The major goal red dot still comes up, when I don’t have anything to collect. I thought you said you fixed it!
    • Zettou 2018.03.10 15:23
      Not too sure if anyone else is experiencing this, every time I do a dispatch it says network connection error but if I close and reopen the dispatch actually goes through.
    • Leef 2018.03.11 11:47
      Remember that time when you could win by having more health than the other team? Oh wait I sure don’t wheres the fix regarding tank teams that run the timer down in arena?

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