[Notice] Part 3! Find the Voice of Estelle! Winner Results!

by Natara posted Dec 19, 2018

Hello, this is Natara!


We would like to thank all the captains who have participated in “Part 3! Find the Voice of Estelle!”


The voice owner of “Estelle”, the shop owner of Midgard, was “Aoi Koga”, who performed as “Yuri Miyata”, the main character of “Two Car”!


Despite her charming voice, it must have been difficult for many captains to guess “Aoi Koga” maybe because she did not appear in many animations yet.
Many captains submitted many different guesses, however “Aoi Koga” was not one of them. 


But don’t be too disappointed! Although no one guessed right, we will send 1 Elite Request to everyone who shared this event through a social networking site!


❖ Social Network Sharing Reward: 1 Elite Request
- 하얀섬업댓좀
- 파닭헌터
- 갓봉민
- 포이아
- 치르치르핥기빌런
- 시계초
- Lumi42
- 애쿠
- 부러우면짖는개
- 무향후
- ドックター
- 모에기
- 헤르메티스
- Satoyama
- Euden
- gentleman199
- ぼってぃちぇり
- アンドレアンドレ
- 自由者
- Gaghiel
- ティスタ
- 卡尔在觉醒    
- 黎玥
- 傾忱


We would like to say our thanks again to all the users who have taken part in this event.


We will continue to put our efforts so that your time in Midgard may be more enjoyable!


Thank you.


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