[Notice] Service Discontinuation for Weibo Account Sync

by Natara posted Sep 16, 2019



Hello, this is Natara.


Please note that the Weibo account sync will not be supported after October 7th, 2019.


Please connect your "email address" to your account and then disconnect your "Weibo" account before October 7th.


<How to Disconnect Weibo Account>

1.  Start Blustone.


2. Select the Blue Button (Menu) on the bottom left corner and the following accordingly:

"Setting" → "My Information" → "Account Information"


3. On the bottom of the page, enter the email address you want to connect your account with and proceed to email connection.


4. After the email connection is completed, select "Weibo Disconnect" located at the bottom.


<Important Notice>

- Please make sure to connect your email address to your account before disconnecting your Weibo account. It might be difficult to sign back in when the Weibo account is disconnected without the email connection.


- Please make sure to connect your email address as quickly as possible. Please note that you won't be able to access Blustone through Weibo after October 7th, 2019.


- Accounts that are not connected to the email address before October 7th, 2019 will be automatically connected to the email addresses registered in Weibo accounts.


Thank you.



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