v1.0.1.0 Patch Notes

by 인턴마스터 posted May 18, 2017

Hello Captain!


Please take note of the v1.0.1.0. update as you travel through Midgard!



< New Features >

1. Friend request
2. Feedback request dialogue
3. Enhance animation quality in tutorial
4. Display user thumbnail (not yet applied in chat)



< Fixed Bugs >

1. The time it takes to change teammates will now not count towards the total clearing time record
2. Sensitivity in Fight Club adjusted
3. Time not running in auto-combat when Blustone is running in the background fixed
4. Message added when there are no Fight Club opponents found
5. Fixed app crashing when refreshing list in shops
6. Fixed area information not being displayed properly when defeated
7. Fixed certain sound effects not playing for certain abilities
8. Now able to purchase rupees as well in the fuel purchase window
9. Improved sound effect quality
10. Chat layout adjusted
11. Finger guide added during tutorial
12. Game stability improved



< Next Update Schedule >

1. New event: "Living the Hunter Life!"
2. New hunter to be added
3. New region to be opened
4. Mark which hunters can advance
5. Fix push notification bug
6. Fix numerical notation error
7. Add lock hunter feature
8. Display thumbnail in chat
9. Improve game stability



Please be aware that it may take up to one or two days to apply the update on iOS.


Thank you!


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