[Notice] Cryogenic Abyss Tweaks!

by VSpang posted Jun 19, 2017

Hello, Captain!


We've taken the feedback we've been receiving about the Cryogenic Abyss into consideration, and we've decided to tweak the rewards and difficulty of the Cryogenic Abyss.


Stack Up Those Rewards

The rewards have been changed to be cumulative as we've received feedback that the rewards are lacking in respect to the difficulty of the areas. For example, if you've cleared Area 10, you will receive 226,000 rupees, 24 Recruitment Requests, and 21 Elite Requests.


Difficulty changes

The difficulty of the areas was higher than necessary, as we've seen outstanding performances from previous events. 

The Cryogenic Abyss is the hardest region introduced so far in Blustone, and it was not meant for everyone to clear it. Our intentions were for the highest ranking players to be able to clear Area 9 but only a couple have reached Area 8 so far, indicating the difficulty was raised too high.

In response to this, we have changed the middle areas to be a little more difficult and the final areas to be easier.



In summary of the event:


Cryogenic Abyss



- East of Blood Red Canyon



- Only ice monsters will show up and hunters with the fire attribute will take 10% more damage than usual

- The deeper you go in, the higher the drop rate for Rupee Coupons and Elite Requests

(Rupee Coupons at max 4 times more than usual, Elite Requests at max 3 times more than usual)


Closing Date:

- July 3rd, 2017


Special Rewards from the Hunter Union:

These rewards are determined by how far you've gone within the Cryogenic Abyss upon the closing date.


01 Area Cleared: 3 Recruitment Requests, 1,000 Rupees

02 Area Cleared: 5 Recruitment Requests, 3,000 Rupees + previous area's rewards

03 Area Cleared: 7 Recruitment Requests, 5,000 Rupees + previous areas' rewards

04 Area Cleared: 9 Recruitment Requests, 7,000 Rupees + previous areas' rewards

05 Area Cleared: 1 Elite Request, 10,000 Rupees + previous areas' rewards

06 Area Cleared: 2 Elite Request, 20,000 Rupees + previous areas' rewards

07 Area Cleared: 3 Elite Request, 30,000 Rupees + previous areas' rewards

08 Area Cleared: 4 Elite Request, 40,000 Rupees + previous areas' rewards

09 Area Cleared: 5 Elite Request, 50,000 Rupees + previous areas' rewards

10 Area Cleared: 6 Elite Request, 60,000 Rupees + previous areas' rewards



We apologize for the sudden change, and we will strive to release a balanced event and region in the future. We hope you look forward to our future updates, including the transcendence feature coming late June or early July.


Happy hunting!


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