[Notice] “Santa Clauster’s Presents!” event period extension

by Natara posted Dec 26, 2018

Hello, this is Natara.


We will be extending “Santa Clauster’s Presents!” event until December 28th.
Some users have reported to us that they were not able to claim rewards at “Santa Clauster’s Presents!” event page and we have discovered that there is a device-related issue where the rewards could not be exchanged.


Therefore, we have decided to extend the event period so that all the captains can exchange their collected socks for the rewards.


Event Name: Santa Clauster’s Presents!
Initial Event Period: Dec. 14th 18:00 ~ Dec. 26th 15:00 (UTC+9)
Event page extension period: Until Jan. 2nd 24:00 (UTC+9)


* Please note that only the open period for the event page will be extended. Therefore, you will no longer be able to collect “Christmas socks” as well as “Special Christmas socks” after Dec. 26th 15:00 (UTC+9).


We would like to apologize to all the users who experienced inconvenience.


We will continue to put our best efforts to make your time in Midgard more enjoyable!


Thank you.


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