[Notice] Update Preview

by VSpang posted Apr 12, 2019



Hello everyone, VSpang here again with some update news!

Below you can find the details for the upcoming Update!



<Changes Made>

- Navigation System Expansion

: We've added a navigation quest system to make Midgard life more convenient for all Captains! New "Major Goals" have been added after completion of the 70th general stage.


- ★4 Hunter Advancement Package added!

: When ★4 are recruited, they can be advanced immediately to ★5 through the added ★4 Hunter Advancement Package!


- Pandahawk Rental Ticket Items Added!

:  The Pandahawk Rental Ticket has been added for Captains who find it hard to wait for dispatch completion times! With the use of the Pandahawk Rental Ticket, dispatches will be completed immediately without the use of Manda.


- Free/Paid Manda Division

: Through this update, obtaining and spending Manda will be more precisely divided. Note, this update will not change item price or types of Manda as this is mostly a visual update regarding Manda.

Free Manda will be used first in making Manda related purchases, as it has been until now.

(Added on April 15th, 2019) Manda from Achievement Packages will be categorized as paid Manda as intended.

(Set to take effect separately after April 26th in conclusion with the Green Manda Grand Festival. More details about the exact schedule will be announced later on.)


- NPC Motions Added

: Audrey and Leonardo's movement will be more natural! We will continue to improve the movements of other characters to be more natural with updates to come.


- NPC Text Speed Adjusted


- Stimpack Use Button Changed

: You can decide whether to use a Stimpack before a battle begins.


- Boutique Help Text Added


<Bug Fixes>

- The faulty operation of "Ignore Block DMG ↓" among Genovia's Damage Maximization skills has been fixed. Now you can inflict more damage to your opponents upon using the Maximization.

- Rupees not shown when completing Mirage Ruins has been fixed.

- Being automatically redirected to the top of the page when purchasing an item from the Market has been fixed.

- Being automatically redirected to the top of the page when recruiting a hunter from the hunter list has been fixed.

- Red notifications not shown when completing certain goals has been fixed.

- Event badges not shown on the corner right-hand side at times has been fixed.

- Malfunctions regarding vertically long devices fixed.

- Chat rooms wrongly displaying that “A chat room is full” has been fixed.

- Changed so a hunter’s element is more easily identifiable during battle

- Game not working properly at times has been fixed.


※ The update date for iOS may be changed depending on its verification process.


Thank you all Captains of Midgard for your love, support, and interest!

We hope you enjoy your time in Midgard!


VSpang Out!





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