[Update] Fishing Changes Preview Notice

by VSpang posted May 16, 2019



Hello Captains, this is VSpang!

Today I’m here to announce some new changes on fishing, which will be updated soon. 
We decided to add some changes because the current system of catching and selling fish is rather exhausting, and the expectancy value of the rewards are underwhelming;

Therefore, the following changes will be implemented to let our Captains enjoy fishing more comfortably, and as a result, to receive more valuable items than before. 

<Changes Made>
: Items Available on the Fishing Area Changed
The items you can receive through fishing will change greatly, from Legendary Selection Requests to Metron Crystals! Those who are curious to see the newly added items can check the reward list below! 

: Fish and Items For Sale Automatically Sold
From now on, if you catch fish or receive items for sale, they will be available for sale immediately.
You will no longer have to go through the trouble of selling your fish to Estelle upon each catch!

: Waiting Time Reduced and Difficulty Level Adjusted
The waiting time for both Average Baits and High-Quality Baits will be reduced. In addition, the overall difficulty level of fishing will be lowered slightly. Now you can catch fish or useful items more quickly and easily!

: Prices of Baits and Fish Adjusted
Due to the changes and the variety of additional items, the purchasing price of the baits will increase, while the selling price of certain types of fish will become cheaper.

<Changes in Reward List>



These changes will be applied on May 20, after the v2160 update. 
Please remember that if you do not update the app to the most recent version, the aforementioned changes may not be applied properly.

We will continue to work hard to provide a better service!

Thank you.


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