We’re Asking the Community - Fight Chip Market

by VSpang posted Mar 22, 2019

Hello, VSpang here hoping to hear some feedback from all Captains.
And we’re using this Notice as an opportunity to hear back from you!


We’ve been brainstorming to make the game more interesting for all of our users and we’ve been thinking a lot lately about the market and its items. We feel out of them, the Fight Chip shop run by Fight Chips which all of you earn so zealously deserves a change. Before any changes made to the products, we would like to hear from you Captains and see if we can implement any suggestions. 


Please comment below about the items you would like to see in the Fight Chip shop. We will try to take all of your suggestions into consideration in reorganizing the purchasable items. However, if the mentioned items are to show up in the Fight Chip shop they may be excluded from others, please take this into consideration.

We hope you can understand that we can’t make any guarantees, however, we will try our best to consider all the options you give as feedback.


Thank you always and we hope to hear from all of you.

VSpang Out!


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