[Notice] Newly Revamped Search System Q&A!

by VSpang posted Mar 27, 2019

Hey everyone, VSpang here!


In order for everyone to become quickly adjusted to the newly revamped search system mentioned (https://bs.visualshower.com/en/1123833 here), we are making this announcement. Plus we’ve collected and answered some questions you may have. We hope you enjoy this new adventure.


Q. Where do we go to Search?

A. The same as before. At the Aircraft Entrance, after talking with Gullveig.


Q. It is mentioned that Searches are opened depending on stage clearance, does that mean I have to clear stages again?

A. No, the stages you have already cleared will just open the associated Search.


Q. Where can I check my Helium Capsules?

A. After talking with Gullveig, you will see your Helium Capsules on the corner-right hand side of the Search screen.

(helium capsule image)


Q. Are there other ways to get Helium Capsules other than stages?

A. Currently, there are none. They are only obtainable through stages.


Q. Do chances of getting Helium Capsules increase with higher stages and boss stages?

A. Yes, they do. The higher/boss stages will have better chances of getting more Helium Capsules.


Q. How many times can I search in a day?

You can search till you reach the limit of each hunter in a day. However, there are no limits to how many hunters you can search, so if you have enough Helium Capsules, you may search for hunters until each of their respective limits.


Q. What happens to RARE and UNIQUE Searches?

A. RARE Searches are discontinued while UNIQUE Searches are replaced by event Searches listed at the bottom of the page.


Q. The event Searches are seen at the bottom but when do they change?

A. The hunters are selected for the event and will remain until the end of an event period.


Q. Will there be no more traces from stages now?

A. Traces will no longer be obtainable from stages; however, Searches will offer much more amounts of traces.


Q. Will there be other items apart from traces that will be obtained during Searches?

A. No, only traces will be obtainable.


Q. Are there plans to add more hunters to the Search roster?

A. We will have to consider this as time progresses.


Q. Will we be able to obtain innate 3-star hunter traces?

A. Innate 3-star hunters will also be fixed within the Searches. Newer 3-star hunters can also be obtained through Event Searches.


Q. Will we be able to obtain a lot more traces now?

A. Yes, obtaining traces will be comparatively more than previous Searches.  You will be able to obtain up to 8 traces. With enough team strength, you will be able to dispatch and obtain traces immediately as well. 



And thus concludes the Q&A, we truly hope you enjoy the new Search system to come.


Thank you for all the support, interest and love you show Blustone and we hope to bring you more of the content you love in the future!


VSpang Out!



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