[News] 10+1 Recruit Changes Notice - 10+1 Recruits Guarantees a 3-star Hunter 100%!

by VSpang posted Apr 11, 2019



The issue below has been resolved. If the issue persists, please restart the application.

* Currently, 10+1 pulls with the 3-star hunters is not in full effect and is under investigation. We will update you as soon as it is finished.


Hello everyone! VSpang here with some exciting news!

I’m here to announce a BIG change regarding the 10+1 recruits, that’ll improve the lives of all Captains in Midgard!


From April 12th(Friday) 15:00 (UTC +9) 10+1 Recruits will guarantee at least one 3-star hunter!



  • Before change: 10 + 1 recruit guarantees at least one 2-star hunter.
  • After change: 10 + 1 recruit will guarantee at least one 3-star hunter.


This update was a result of the feedback we received from all our beloved Captains. We’ll do all we can to improve the game based on your valuable feedback and support.


I'll drop by to bring more good news next time!


Thank you.