[Notice] Winners of “Season 1 Episode Completion Event! Share the Episode!” Event!

by Natara posted Jan 16, 2020



Hello, Natara is here!


We sincerely thank each and every one of our Captains for showing a lot of love and support for the "Season 1 Episode Completion Event! Share the Episode!"


Thanks to the enthusiastic participation of our Captains, the SNS sharing event has ended successfully.


Who would be the lucky winners for the event?

Here are our lucky winners!



- 1 ★4 Request

: 우주는우주

: 애쿠

: アリスかわいい


- 1 ★4 Selection Request

: DrGoodLuck

: Ex_うさ

: 태4스톤

: 天綺

: BitaxCherry


- 1 ★3-4 Request

: 클레라리온

: Cherryx

: 치르치르핥기빌런

: 밍기사

: 꼬마만두

: Deneu

: Rashade

: 카이엔페퍼

: clozi 

: Gaghiel


- 2 ★2-4 Requests

: All participants


We give a big round of applause for our winners!


The event rewards will be provided accordingly through Schumann's Hunter Supply Station within this week.


We will continue to do our best to make sure you enjoy your time in Midgard! 


Thank you.