v1.0.7.0 Scheduled Patch Notes

by VSpang posted Jul 05, 2017

Hello, Captain!


Please take note of the upcoming version and its new features!


< New Features >


1. Daily Assignments

The "Living the Hunter Life" event will now be reformed into daily assignments, which will be shown on the top right of the main town page.



In the daily assignment page, you can receive various prizes for completing assignments. There will be a bonus reward for completing all assignments for that day. 


* Please note that some details regarding daily assignments are subject to change.



2. Check your hunters and inventory in the main menu

It's finally here! By tapping the lower right red button in town, you will be able to select the Hunters or the Inventory function.



3. Improve app crashing when receiving calls during a battle

We've had numerous reports of users' expression frustration of losing a Challenge Invitation because of receiving a phone call and causing the app to crash. We've taken a look at this issue once again and will be rolling out a patch.



4. Expand dorm limit

The dorm expansion limit is 57 at the moment, but it will be increased to 70. We hope this will help players to organize their hunters. The price to expand the dorm will be capped at 50 Manda or 50,000 rupees.



This patch will be released with iOS and AOS at the same time. It is difficult to give you a specific update time at the moment, but we will be posting another notice when the time is set.



Unrelated to the upcoming patch, we will be posting a notice about Self Restoration (Transcendence system) and its details within this week.


Thank you for your attention!