v1.0.7.0 Patch Notes

by VSpang posted Jul 12, 2017

Hello, everyone!


Please take note of the new features that came along with version!


< New Features >

  1. Daily fuel supply increased (from 30 to 45)
  2. Dorm max limit increased (from 57 to 72)
  3. Display progress in Expedition Area and Fight Club in the town
  4. Add building names
  5. Story skip feature added
  6. Now able to send mail from other player's information page
  7. Ad reward system added
  8. Events tab added in forums
  9. Able to go to the last area visited from the daily assignments page
  10. Increased combat points displayed on the area cleared results page
  11. Inventory function added
  12. Manage hunter function added
  13. Chat room function modified
  14. Daily assignments added (Living the Hunter Life will be deleted)


< Bug Fixes >

  1. Black screen when answering calls improved
  2. Fuel distribution time glitching due to auto-combat fixed
  3. Bug where an abnormal amount of experience given in the Fight Club fixed
  4. Hunter list display performance improved
  5. Misprinted circle when listing users fixed
  6. Miscellaneous bug fixes


< Additional Information >

     The price of Fuel Coupons, Rupee Tickets, Challenge Invitation Coupons, and store refresh was been modified. More information regarding this will be posted in a notice in the near future.



< Currently Known Issues >

  1. The app can crash when receiving supplies for the first time after the update. This issue is fixed by restarting the game.
  2. The "Move" function for the Expedition Area can malfunction. This issue is fixed by clearing an area manually.


With the modification to daily fuel supplies, Dawdly will be hard at work underground again. Please look forward to his reappearance someday!


Thank you for your attention!


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