v0.9.9 Patch Notes

by VSpang posted Apr 12, 2017

Hello hunters!


The information below is scheduled to be applied to the v0.9.9 patch to be released later today, April 19th, 2017. Please feel free to report any bugs or feedback to the Feedback section of the forum.


< New Features >

  1. Fight Club weekly supply page added
  2. Fight Club status message feature added


< Fixed Bugs >

  1. Black screen at Fight Club opponent listing fixed
  2. Black screen at Hunter Supply Station fixed
  3. Correctly display experience to be earned after training hunter
  4. Recently recruited team member showing up in wrong order in the dormatory
  5. "Unstable Network" message not disappearing
  6. Abnormal game termination pop-up message fixed
  7. Improved tutorial
  8. Improved chatting feature
  9. Improved Fight Club rank page
  10. Improved other minor bugs


Thank you for your interest and we hope you continue to enjoy Blustone!