[Notice] ‘Become the Best Guild!’ Event Results!

by Natara posted Dec 12, 2018

Hello, this is Natara!


‘Become the Best Guild!’ event was very successful thanks to your great support!


Many captains have tried very hard to make their guild the very first “Best Guild”.


Which guild must have won the title of the Best Guild? Here are the results!


<Guild Ranking>
1st Place: Guild [包子鋪]
2nd Place: Guild [동물원]
3rd Place: Guild [Dynasty]


* As of December 8th 00:00 (UTC+9)


Guild [包子鋪] is the glorious winner.


To celebrate the victory of the guild [包子鋪], 1 ‘Elite Request’ will be sent to every captain in Midgard in the name of the winning guild.


Also, we will send rewards to all the guilds that have finished 50th or above as well as every guild that has 20 or more guild members and has posted an article in Forum!!


<Guild Ranking Reward>
1st Place:  300 Manda, 50,000 rupees
2nd Place:  250 Manda, 40,000 rupees
3rd Place:  200 Manda, 30,000 rupees
4th - 10th:  150 Manda, 20,000 rupees
11th - 20th:  100 Manda, 15,000 rupees
21st - 50th:  50 Manda, 10,000 rupees


<Guild Member Recruitment Reward>
Guild Member - 30,000 rupees
Guild Leader - 50,000 rupees, 20 Veteran Tickets


* The supply of Guild Ranking Reward and Guild Member Recruitment Reward may be delayed a little depending on the situation.


We would like to thank all the captains who have participated in this event.


We will continue to put our efforts to provide a better service! 


Thank you.