[Notice] Fuel Changes Announcement

by VSpang posted Mar 12, 2019

Hello, VSpang here with some news about Fuel and Challenge Ticket changes!


From March 18th(KST), Fuel and Challenge Invitation Tickets purchases will change and the details are listed below.


The value and price of the materials used in the game are closely related to the game economy. Therefore, in order for us to maintain a stable game environment, we monitor the flow of goods and materials very closely.  Our recent inspections find that Fuel and Challenge Invitations values are set too low, so we have made adjustments to Fuel and Challenge Invitation purchases within the game.


<Changes Made>

  • Fuel and Rupee purchases will be removed from the Manda market.
  • Fuel and Challenge Invitation Ticket purchases available on the main screen will have a bigger increase when purchased continuously.
  • Purchasing rupees with Manda will have a lower initial price setting
  • Rupee market reset times will be every 4 hours.
  • Date changes will reset the purchase prices and gaps. Similar to the current system.


Thank you,

VSpang out.