[Notice] Mirage Ruins Rewards Announcement - Jewels Added (Complete)

by VSpang posted Apr 01, 2019

*The changes have been applied. Please update the game in your respective application stores.

Hello, good Captains of Midgard,

VSpang here with some more exciting news!


Today, I am here to announce a new change regarding Mirage Ruin rewards that will be implemented starting from April 2nd, 2019.


Upon clearing the floors of the Mirage Ruins, you will be given the possibility of obtaining jewels up to ★5!


We have been listening to our Captains’ feedback and discussing the rewards regarding the Mirage Ruins. At the end of our discussions, we’ve reached a decision to include a more valuable reward upon clearing the Mirage Ruins stages. Now, playing the Mirage Ruins can get you a Jewel up to ★5. We hope this can provide a good opportunity to further strengthen your favorite hunters.


Further details about the reward change are listed below.

- You may now obtain ★2-5 Jewels in the Mirage Ruins.

- Jewels are available as rewards upon completion of the 3rd, 6th, and 9th stage, regardless of the floor.

- Rarer Jewels are more likely to appear with higher floors.

- Rarer Jewels are more likely to appear on the 9th stages.


We always strive to apply the feedback we receive through our many community channels into our game. If you have any good ideas or feedback, feel free to let us know at any time.


We will continue to work hard to provide a better experience in Midgard!


Thank you.