[Notice] Chatting Servers Combination Notice(Complete)

by Natara posted Aug 07, 2019



Hello! Natara is here!


We thank each and every one of our Captains who have provided us with the opinions about the "Server Combination" question.

We are not able to say that each and every one of the comments has been reflected, but all the comments were very helpful for us to think about the things we have to take into consideration, in more depth. Thank you so much!


Captains from all over the world gave us opinions on the survey this time.

As a result, many Captains have agreed on chatting combination but disagreed on Fight Club combination.

Thus, we had to consider the way to maintain the independence of Fight Club, while bringing about the strengths when many users were gathered together.


Therefore! We came to the conclusion that the combination of chatting and account unit could satisfy the meets of everyone, and we are putting it into action!


The chatting server combination and account unit server combination will be progressed as follows:



  • You can chat in combined servers. However, there is no sign for server classification.
  • You can get Search notice and join the Search through the notice without server classification in the chatting server. We hope for an increase in Event Searches.
  • You can check the Recruitment, Rupee, Fuel Ticket Lottery Jackpot notice without server classification.
  • You can send or block friend requests without server classification.
  • You can become friends without server classification. Even though your friend is on the other server, you can enjoy the Friendly Match and participate as a Search partner.
  • You can send mails or present Veteran Tickets without server classification.



  • You cannot search or join the Guild on a different server.
  • Fight Club in Midgard and Alfheimr servers will be operated separately as always.
  • Separate Fight Club rank will be displayed in front of the nickname according to Midgard and Alfheimr servers.


The above changes will be applied after August 13th, 10 a.m. (UTC+9).

There will not be a server check or patch.


We hope more of our Captains will communicate with each other and enjoy Blustone even more!

Please provide us with a lot of opinions in the future as well!


Thank you.