[Notice] v1.1.6.0 Patch Notes (Additional Information Added, Tuesday, Oct. 24)

by VSpang posted Oct 19, 2017

Hello, everyone!


The following information contains the update that will be applied later this week.


<New Contents>

- Manda Store temporarily open

A store where you can buy items with Manda will open.

This store is still subject to change, including items.


- Fight Club displays flag

You can now check out where Fight Club players are from.


- Added filtering system in chatting and nickname naming

Please respect your peers and keep a clean environment.


- User information pops up when you touch the "special hunter's ruins found" message


- Improved "Today's Assignments" bar

Your assignments bar will not reset and is now cumulative.

Even if you didn't finish your assignments for the day, you can continue to do your assignments tomorrow.


- Lottery system added

As you use your Rupee Lottery Ticket, Challenge Invitation Coupon, or Fuel Coupon, you will have a low chance of receiving double what you've bought or a very low chance of receiving 16 times what you've bought.

If you are lucky enough to win the 16x lottery, you will also receive a "Veteran Ticket." You can gift this ticket to a friend to give them Veteran points. Share your happiness with a close friend!


<Bug Fixes>

- Fixed the wrong number of Manda displaying when skipping auto-combat

- Fixed red button not disappearing after receiving the reward

- Improved menu background's blur effect displaying as black or glitching

- Improved unusually large amount of damage occurring in certain situations

- Removed watch advertisement function to inspect its functionality

- Fixed certain skills being marked with a different number

- Improved menu design

- Improved game performance and stability


Thank you for your interest.