v0.9.5 Patch Notes

by VSpang posted Mar 14, 2017

0.9.5 Patch notes update scheduled for Wednesday, March 22.


Patch notes may be adjusted prior to the being updated, so please check for the latest patch notes! We will announce our update schedule when it is finalized.



<New Features>

1. Village – Add the ability to jump when double clicking the bridge

2. Add background effects when a hunter advances


<Fixed Bugs>

1. Fix errors regarding no sounds or motions when double clicking

2. Fix errors where a different character’s skill is performed  

3. Fix errors where no effects are made when a character dies due to a time limit

4. Fix errors of being unable to receive rewards on main rewards page

5. Fix errors of being unable to access 6 Day Bonus Rewards when tapping the icon

6. Fix calculations of block chance, block number, critical damage chance, critical damage number.


Thank you.