v1.0.6.0 Patch Update Schedule

by VSpang posted Jun 20, 2017

Hi, everyone!


Please take note of the following features to come with v1.0.6.0 this week!


< New Features >

  1. Hunter role balances: Please check out "[Notice] Hunter Role Balances Update Schedule" for more information.
  2. Post Office: Clara will be getting back to work! You can now send letters to your friends aside from real-time chatting.
  3. Show off your hunter!: You can now share the hunter you've received from an Elite Request on Facebook, Twitter, etc. A small number of rupees will be distributed to you as you share your hunters, so don't be shy and show off!
  4. Fight Club BGM Change: The Fight Club background music will be changed to be something a bit more intense.
  5. Push notifications: You will receive a push notification when your fuel is filled up or auto-combat has finished.


This update will be released to Android and Apple devices at the same time.

It is currently difficult to announce the exact time of the patch release but we expect it to be on Friday.


Thank you for your interest!