[Notice] Find the Owner of the Hunter’s Voice! Winners Announcement!!

by Natara posted Dec 05, 2018

Hello, it’s Natara at your service!


Did you enjoy our “Find the Owner of the Hunter’s Voice!” event?
So many of you have guessed right, and it was very hard for us to select the winners.
※ We drew for winners fairly using a drawing program.

Out of all the captains who have guessed right, who would be the lucky winners to receive our special gifts!
Here are the results!!


❖ 1st Place: The autographed poster from the voice actor of Tyltyl (1 captain)
- RosenQueen    


❖ 2nd Place: Blustone2 character sticker 5-sheet set (5 captains)
- Lumi42
- 코르사
- HextechKid    
- zero0a18


❖ 3rd Place: 50 Manda (10 captains)
- Linuxpop
- 레이던
- 백은호
- FernandoMX13
- Alarus
- ElCapitan
- 翰大叔


Congratulations to all the winners!!


If you have won the 1st or the 2nd place, please make sure to enter additional information (your name, address and phone number) in your Profile (Account Information) by this coming Sunday (December 9th). The gifts will not be sent if we do not have your additional information!
 ※ If you face trouble entering your address and phone number in your account information, please contact us through the Support section with your additional information.

Gifts for the 1st and the 2nd place winners will be sent from December 10th in consecutive order, and the 3rd place gift will be sent to the winners today. 


We will continue to work hard to make your gaming experience more enjoyable!


Thank you.


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