[Notice] Thank You for Recruiting Event! Results Revealed!

by VSpang posted Feb 13, 2019

Hello dear Captains of Midgard,

Vspang here with results you’ve all been waiting for!


The event to thank all Captains for their endless love and support towards Blustone has concluded.


So many Captains participated and we didn’t expect the turnout that we received.


Who will receive the signed autograph poster of the hunters and their respective voice actors, drum roll please!


‘’Thank You for Recruiting Event!’’ Winning Captains


Jan. 18th : BryanRC

Jan. 19th : 我就是那魂淡

Jan. 20th : zio1341

Jan. 21th : Farbe1

Jan. 22th : Yar

Jan. 23th : Zodiarc

Jan. 24th : 渋谷ハル


Congratulations to the winning Captains!


To the winning Captains, please make sure to update your shipping information and receiver so the information matches by this week Sunday(February 17th(UTC+9)) If there is no shipping information, the gift will not be mailed out!


※ If there is difficulty updating or inputing your information, please contact us at Support and directly submit your shipping information.


1st place winners shipping will begin from February 18th, 2019 and will proceed in order.


We hope to continue to bring you more in the upcoming days and we always appreciate your support and interest in our game!


Thank you to all Captains,

Vspang Out!




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