[Update] Update Preview

by Natara posted Jul 17, 2019



Hello, Captains of Midgard!

Natara is here with some update news!


Below you can find the details for the upcoming update!



<Changes Made>

- Improved the Battle Screen Performance

: You'll be able to enjoy a more pleasant in-game battle environment even through the low spec devices.


- Image of the Recruitment Scroll 

: Changes in the image and the name of the hunter recruitment scroll, including the Evaluation Request and the Elite Request, will be made.


The details are as follows:

Evaluation Request → Trace Magnifier

Elite Request → Recruitment Request

Special Request → 2–4 Request

Legendary Request → 3–4 Request

Legendary Selection Request → 3 Selection Request


- Fixed the issue of the block probability malfunction.

: The bug issue regarding the increase in the probability of getting a critical hit and a critical damage when the block chance decreases below 0 due to the overlapping hunter skill effect will be fixed.


- Fixed other minor bug issues.


※ The update date for iOS may be changed depending on its verification process.


We will continue to put in our best efforts so that your time in Midgard will be more enjoyable!


Thank you.



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