[Notice] Guild Blitz Strength Display Error Notice

by Natara posted Aug 28, 2019



Hello, Natara is here.


We sincerely thank each and every one of our Captains for showing a lot of love and support for the new content, the Guild Blitz.


Today at Guild Blitz, the issue regarding an abnormally high calculation on the hunters' Strength effected by other Jewel Sets except for the Offensive Jewel, the HP Jewel, and the Defensive Jewel was found.

We are currently undergoing modifications regarding this issue and it is planned to be fixed before the Attack Launch.


However, the reward standard will be maintained just as it was when the first Guild Blitz started even after the end of the modification process.

When the modification process is applied, there might occur a slight difference between the calculated Guild Members' total Strength and the initial total Strength that was calculated during the reward calculation.


We will continue to work hard to provide a better service.


Thank you!


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