v0.9.3 Patch Notes

by VSpang posted Feb 27, 2017

<Updated: March 2, 2017  KST 6:00PM>


Hello everyone!


We’d like to inform you about new versions prior to their updates.

Patch notes may be added or delayed to the next version depending on the situation, so please check for the latest patch notes.


We also welcome your 'Feedback' in order to improve BluStone to be the best game possible!

We’ll try our best to incorporate your feedback into our patches.


<New Features>

1. After recruiting a new hunter, you can see their story

2. Be able to receive Manda during missed activity rewards

3. Hunter illustration sorted by ranking

4. Improve direction on area selection screen

5. Add animation to recruited hunter results

6. Add notifications to village buildings

7. Improve sound effects


<Revised Bugs>

1. Fix forced close in the middle of play

2. Fix delayed screen during certain skills mid-battle

3. Fix line appearing on left side of screen

4. Fix flickering screen during gameplay

5. Fix line on screen during certain occasions

6. Fix authorization pop-up when first opening app

7. Remove unnecessary interface on the tutorial screen

8. Fix so that in-game messages appear on the bottom of the screen

9. Fix repeated hunter names on hunter exchange list

10. Fix so that NPC special rewards appear normally at Supply Station

11. Improve the ability to use skills during battle

12. Fix forced close when app is played horizontally

13. Fix forced close in the Hunter Supply Station


Thank you


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