v0.9.8 Patch Notes

by VSpang posted Apr 07, 2017

Hello hunters!


Please read the information below for the v0.9.8 patch notes. Thank you for your feedback and report to help improve Blustone.


< New Features >

  1. Fight Club opened (available after clearing North Highlands)
  2. Fight Club Shop opened
  3. Reorganized Victory screen
  4. Changed region screen to display only one mission notification at a time
  5. Added sound effects when using Hunter skills
  6. Added player thumbnail in chatbox and player information page
  7. Added alarm icon in menus

< Fixed Bugs >

  1. Optimized game performance
  2. Improved chat usability
  3. Fixed rupee display bug while training
  4. Optimized network communication
  5. Front banner is shown as soon as the game is turned on
  6. Fixed text input errors
  7. Fixed issue where more than four hunters were selected in the Hunter Gym
  8. Improved font readability
  9. Added text wrapping


Thank you for your interest!


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