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[Notice] Guild Contribution Accumulation Reward Issue Announcement   [0]

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    Hiya! :)

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    Hello, VSpang here with an announcement about Guilds!


    Recently we’ve received reports regarding Guild contribution bonus rewards and that some members were unable to receive some benefits.


    Through the feedback and reports of fellow Captains in hopes of a better Blustone experience, we have identified the issue and have processed a resolution. After today, all Captains who are enlisted in a guild should be able to receive their Guild contribution bonus rewards properly.


    And to those Captains who haven’t been able to properly receive their guild contribution bonus rewards will be taken care of all at once.


    After today, you will be able to collect all of your Guild Contribution bonuses through your currently enlisted guild page. However, contribution bonuses must be collected within 7 days of being acquired by visiting the guild page otherwise the rewards will disappear.


    <Reward Recipients>

    All Captains enlisted in a guild who have not received their guild contribution bonus rewards.


    ※ For Captains who are not in a guild or have not achieved or met the guild contribution bonus standards will not be given any rewards.


    <Reward Distribution Period>

    From March 18, Guild Contribution Rewards will be given out after visiting the guild page.


    We apologize for those who have experienced any inconvenience through this occurrence and we will do our best to bring you our best service.


    We will do all we can to help make your time in Midgard as comfortable as possible.


    We always thank you for your continued support, interest, and love you show for Blustone.


    VSpang out!

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