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[Update] Blustone Preview   [10]

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    Hello, Captains of Midgard!


    This is Natara, and I am pleased to announce that a new update is on the way!


    Let us give you a preview on the next Blustone update – version


    Information below is a brief list of details for the upcoming update!



    Main Additional Features 

    View Skill and Hunter Details 




    The skill information pop-up has already been announced from the Milestone notice (https://bs.visualshower.com/en/1334788). The skill information in more detail. 




    Also, hunter information pop-up will be added to the battle preparation screen. Here, you can find some concise information about the hunter's basic ability and what role the hunter plays during the battle.


    Addition of Automatic Guild Blitz Participation




    A new "Participation reservation" button will be added to the Guild Blitz participation request screen. If you activate this button, you can automatically participate in the Guild Blitz by the time the Guild Blitz participation request ends.


    This feature is added to prevent any missing out on making the Guild Blitz participation request by mistake. However, it resets every week; so make sure to check it once a week.


    More Convenient Jewel Multiple Sale




    As many users have requested, “Select All ★3 Jewels” button will be added to the Jewel Multiple Sale screen.


    Double Speed Feature in Mirage Ruins

    Double Speed feature will be added to the Mirage Ruins. You'll be able to enjoy Mirage Ruins rather conveniently.


    Modification on Transcendence

    You don't have to make your hunters to ★3 or above to use them as a fodder for transcendence anymore.

    You can now use ★1 and ★2 hunters as a fodder for transcendence.


    You'll be able to use the original hunters as a fodder to transcend all limited hunters.

    The hunters that could not be transcended with the original hunter were:

    : Broom Witch Denali

    : Santa Clauster

    : Santa Girl Rebecca


    Save Your Expedition Team

    You can now save your expedition team and use them whenever you want.


    We are hoping that this would minimize any inconvenience of having to change the team depending on different situations and to organize the team that is used frequently in the Guild Blitz every time.


    Bug Fixes

    The following bugs will be fixed along with the additional features.


    - Fixed the error where notification did not appear when you did not read a "Fate" story on the Train Teammate page 

    - Fixed the error where the skill name did not display during the episode battle when using a hunter with an outfit

    - Fixed the error where the reward information pop-up did not occur when clicking the reward item from the episode list

    - Fixed the error where the "One more time!" button did not work when using the 10+1 Request

    - Fixed the abnormal display error that occurred when there are too many rewards in Schumann's Hunter Supply Station

    - Fixed the error where the email link screen did not display in certain mobile devices

    - Fixed the error where the twice attack power did not apply when "sudden death" situation occurs in Guild Blitz

    - Fixed the error where the maximization effect did not display when Lawrence's maximization gets activated

    - Fixed the error where numbers did not display as usual from time to time

    - Fixed the error where fonts did not display as usual from time to time

    - Fixed the error where profile picture changes are not applied and the additional issue that occurs with the change

    - Fixed the error where Guild logo pictures are not applied and the additional issue that occurs with the change

    - Fixed the error where available hunters did not appear at Mirage Ruins

    - Fixed the error where the Immediate Advancement Package popup did not display in certain circumstances

    - Fixed the error where the users in a specific state cannot make a request to join the Guild normally

    - Fixed the error where the expand slot button disappears depending on the number of hunters you have on your Hunter List page


    The VisualShower development team will be working together to update the information above as soon as possible.


    We will continue to do our best and we sincerely thank each and every one of our Captains for showing your love towards Blustone.


    Thank you.


    • Calludus 2020.04.02 15:32
      Fairly too late for 1★ and 2★ hunters. Haha.. .-_+.
      We, now reached the End Game State already and T3 all 1★ and 2★ using traditional method of 3★ as requirements.
      Well, it's good to know New Players won't hassle for it now.

      How about Mirage Team.. Is it intentional you removed "Save Team" ?

      Should add Notification Button on Main Lobby that directs to "Guild Blitz Defense Phase" and "Guild Blitz Attack Phase" as well because some members even though they joined but forgot at least put defense or attack and they got No Rewards.

      And oh.. Please add Multiselect on Hunter Release. (^^,)

      Continue to give quality gaming performance! ”\(^^,)/"

      And we should also play VisualShower newest game.
      Mon Blast!
    • CrySec 2020.04.18 07:02
      Good changes! I'm looking forward to this update :)
    • Nazure 2020.05.05 11:22
      hello Natara,
      it's been a month since announcment. Any news on this update?
    • Natara 2020.05.06 11:05 SECRET

      "This is a secret article."

    • Zsub 2020.05.06 12:16
      hello Natara,
      it's been a month since announcment. Any news on this update?
    • Natara 2020.05.06 17:30 SECRET

      "This is a secret article."

    • Kyaweh 2020.05.08 17:00
      And this update dies silently.
    • deadbite 2020.05.21 08:44
      Hei natara, what effect all do that not working alltime, beause what people know it is hacker
    • Natara 2020.05.21 11:28 SECRET

      "This is a secret article."

    • 4tran 2020.06.25 19:55
      It sounds like guild blitz is still not quite automatic, which is its greatest flaw. It took weeks for us to regularly get 10+ to participate. Then the last outage hit and several of those abandoned the game. Now we can't participate half the time. We finally get 10 together... and another outage hits. Wonderful.

      How hard is it to automatically enroll the entire guild in blitz like every other game out there? Nothing about the feature requires 10 ppl. It only takes 40 chars to have 1 team in each camp. With 90+ chars, that still leaves me 50 to attack with.

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