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[Update] Blustone Preview   [7]

Natara    Lv.  2
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    Have a good day!

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    Hello, Captains of Midgard!


    This is Natara, and I am pleased to announce that a new update is on the way!


    Let us give you a preview on the next Blustone update – version



    <New Features>

    - Addition of automatic and 2x features for battles (excluding episodes)

    - Addition of cut-in image to the episode list

    - Addition of automatic closing and speed-up features to the pop-up that appears when playing general stage

    - Addition of animation of hunters' illustration (Celine, Alia, Anemone)

    - Addition of "Select All 3 Jewels" feature when selling Jewels

    - Addition of color to the Guild Blitz introduction animation


    <Battle-related Bug Fixes>

    - Fixed the issue that actions could not be taken in a specific situation where Clara was included in the opponent team

    - Fixed the issue that hunters including Genovia, Kamala, and Robin immediately reset the waiting time

    - Fixed the error where monsters get attacked outside the battle screen

    - Fixed the error where Lawrence's maximization effect description didn't display normally


    <Balance Modifications>

    Addition of upper limit / lower limit of ability value in battles

    Block Chance (Absolute value - final value, with beneficial and harmful effects applied)

    - Lower limit 0%, upper limit 200%

    Damage Decrease of Block (Absolute value - final value, with beneficial and harmful effects applied)

    - Lower limit 10%, upper limit 90%

    Critical Chance (Absolute value - final value, with beneficial and harmful effects applied)

    - Lower limit 0%, upper limit 200%

    Critical Attack Damage (Absolute value - final value, with beneficial and harmful effects applied)

    - Lower limit 100%, upper limit 300%

    Attack (based on the initial attack value at the start of the battle)

    - Lower limit – decrease up to 40%, upper limit – increase up to 200% 

    Defense (based on the initial defense value at the start of the battle)

    - Lower limit – decrease up to 40%, upper limit – increase up to 200%

    Attack Speed (based on the initial attack speed value at the start of the battle)

    - Lower limit – decrease up to 0%, upper limit – increase up to 200%


    Hunter Balance Changes

    Karl Steiner

     - Slight increase in basic defense

     - 4th skill: Added enemy stun effect



     - Slight increase in basic defense

     - 4th skill: Bleeding Damage increase by 25%



     - 5th skill: Enemy's attack speed reduction up to 15% > 20%



     - Slight increase in basic attack

     - 4th skill: Ignores defense, similar to Themis



     - 5th skill: Added 100% increase in regeneration in the Ornithopter



     - 5th skill: Added immunity to critical damage



     - 2nd skill: Added up to 30% weakening of the enemy's attack speed

     - 4th skill: Skill damage increase up to 20%

     - 5th skill: Elemental Resistance increase up to 20 > 30



     - 5th skill: Added reduction of damage from enemy’s critical attack by 80



     - 2nd skill: Added enemy's attack speed reduction by 30%



     - 4th skill: Immunity granted to frontline teammate > all teammates


    Harley (The same will apply to Harley, the Florist)

     - Increase in basic Attack

     - 2nd skill: Added up to 30% increase in Block Chance


    The update schedule for iOS may change depending on its verification process.


    We will continue to work hard to enhance your gaming experience in Midgard!


    Thank you!

    • Calludus 2020.07.03 16:37

      No more words further..

      Thank you for all of these.
      We've been waiting this for so long.

      Long Live Blustone! ”\(^^,)/"
    • Neo-Nikos 2020.07.04 14:24
      Okay ~ Cool ! (づ ● v ● )づ
      Now we know hunter's panel data
      have some nice change about limit.

      But i still have some question…
      How about the ' Elemental ' ?

      I mean Elemental Enhancement
      And ~ Elemental Resistance

      I thought it also a item worth to discuss
      like Alia ~ Sunny ~ Lottery mouse ~
      Apollon ~ Genovia ~ Anemone ~
      Octavia ~ Acerola ~ brbrbr ~

      my point is
      still have many hunter's skill about the Elemental things.

      Did it both have changed the
      lower limit and high limit ?
      or it doesn't change ?

      but if it doesn't change ~
      what is the original Elemental limit ?
    • Neo-Nikos 2020.07.04 14:25
      And~same question with the others data.
      They are not often be used …
      but i think it still reference data for the new hunters or hunter blanche changed with the future come ~ :)

      for example ~ like

      Hp% (Crocus with Blondie)
      combo can reduce 25% Hp

      Armor penetration%
      (Vincent with Geranium)

      it can let Vencent have 50% armor…
      scary thing is… it basically can't def.

      (Nene with Tyltyl)

      New update let Nene have 100%
      And Tyltyl and special ver Tyltyl
      can sup 200%…
      this combo can let Nene have 300%
      (even just one Blondie can fixed it XD)

      The jewels of related abilities are calculated separately…
      so ~ should those data need some limit too?

      At last ~ thank for reading ~
      Thanks for all Blustone game programmer members.
      Have a nice day ! v(◦'ωˉ◦)~♡
    • Natara 2020.07.09 14:50 SECRET

      "This is a secret article."

    • Joshiesaurus 2020.07.05 03:03
      A lot of good things here but a few problems/ questions with the upper and lower limits.

      First off the critical damage limit feels a little unfair to; Chichi, Rebecca(s), Karl Steiner, and Lapis. For Chichi and Rebecca they don't get to get full effects of her 5ths anymore because with dorm bonus you can easily get offensive hunters to 220% CD easily. With a 90% increase from 5th they go over 300% and don't get to take full advantage of that. And same for Karl and lapis from 4ths. Don't get to take full effect of it in many situations now. Personally i and some others feel like the limit should be 350% to be fair to them.

      Second off why 200% limit on block and Critical Chance. What kinda wierd math is this game doing where both should need to go so high. Even if it's the counter enemies that can lower one of those stats it would still make the most sense to be 100% and not 200%. Just feels a little wierd.

      Thanks for all the awesome new changes anyway.
    • Natara 2020.07.09 14:59 SECRET

      "This is a secret article."

    • Katte 2020.07.05 22:51
      Kain and Karl are getting skill increases? MY BOYS ARE GETTING THE GOODS!
      Now all I need is an ancient outfit Karl.

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