[Update] Update Preview

by Natara posted Nov 04, 2020



Hello, Captains of Midgard!


This is Natara, and I am pleased to announce that a new update is on the way!


Listed below are the details for the upcoming update!



<Feature Addition>

- Added the awakening preview button in the Hunter Library for hunters who can be awakened 


<Bug Fix>

- Fixed the issue where the game force closed when checking the Team Continuation Effects with certain hunters applied

- Fixed the issue where the predicted amount of EXP was displayed lower than usual in certain circumstances during Awakened Training

- Fixed the issue that abnormal chatting re-access message was displayed when entering the game


<Hunter Balance>

- Awakened Captain's 4th skill: Armor Penetration strengthening increased to max. 10 (Originally 5)


※ The update schedule for iOS may change depending on the verification process.


We will continue to work hard to enhance your gaming experience in Midgard!


Thank you.