[Notice] Bug Fixes after the v1.1.3.0 Update

by VSpang posted Sep 08, 2017

Hello, VSpang here.


We have found certain bugs and we would like to introduce to you their fix schedule.


<Element Display Error>

The element display error currently applies to:

1. Selecting friend's helping hunter

2. Hunter list

3. Fight club

4. Other players' information page


Numbers 1 and 2 have already been fixed for AOS and it will apply to iOS over the weekend.

Numbers 3 and 4 will be fixed with future patches.


<Special Hunter Ruins Crashing Error>

There is currently an error causing crashes when exploring the special hunter ruins for iPhones. This issue will be fixed and another update will be released today and applied over the weekend.

If your app crashes while exploring the ruins, you will still earn your hunter traces.


Thank you for reading!