v0.9.7 Patch Notes

by VSpang posted Mar 30, 2017

Hello hunters!


Our updated information after applying v0.9.7 is outlined below. Some information are subject to change, so please check out the latest post for new information!


< New Features >

  1. Chat box increased (for OS versions 4.1 and up - Samsung Galaxy S4, S5, Galaxy Note 2, etc.)
  2. Schuuman, in charge of Supplies, is introduced earlier
  3. Added tutorial for character swapping
  4. Optimized memory usage
  5. Added more sound effects
  6. Added the Front Banner feature
  7. Updated character lines


< Fixed Bugs >

  1. Fixed situations where sound cuts off
  2. Fixed disappearing town labels
  3. Fixed typo in Mission panel
  4. Character progress now appears in character thumbnails
  5. Improved character skill usage
  6. Updated design to allow a better reading experience

Thank you for your interest.